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Esquí Alpí

Alpine ski / Snowboard



Itineraris de Muntanya en esquís

Back country Ski

Neu i Allaus

Snow and Avalanches

curs Alpinisme

Mountain eering

Off-Piste Ski course. BTR. Baqueira Beret.


Off-piste ski (or freeride) is the freedom to ski everywhere, be it powder, hard snow, crust or spring snow.

Freedom and, therefore, commitment with the natural environment that surrounds us whilst we enjoy meters and meters of downhill skiing. We will use Boí Taüll Resort’s lifts to get to the best slopes and couloirs of their ski area.

The course is addressed to those “cardboard skiers” (groomed slopes) who wish to taste, or have already tasted, the feeling of authentic freedom that ungroomed snow offers.

Dates: from December to April
: Boí Taull Resort / Baqueira Beret
Type of activity: Off-piste ski course
Price: 80€ per participant



Intermediate to advanced downhill skiing skill required: ability to make parallel turns in any groomed run and, when conditions are good, also off-piste.

  • To learn downhill skiing techniques on ungroomed snow
  • To manage the basic safety aspects of off-piste skiing.
  • To learn basic travel and safety techniques in off-piste avalanche terrain.
  • Adaptation to gear and medium.
  • Downhill techniques: base position, rotation and side balance notions.
  • Types of turns according to the types of snow.
  • Choosing terrain.
  • Steep slope techniques: jump turns.
  • Technical “resources”.
  • Identifying objective and subjective risks.
  • Snow and avalanches. Procedure in case of accident and use of beacon, probe and shovel.
  • 2 days (4 hours X day) in week days or weekend (practicum) + 2 hours/afternoon (theory).
  • From December to April.
  • Max. 6 participants per instructor.
  • Boí Taüll Resort. La Vall de Boí.
  • Baqueira Beret. Val d'Aran.




Winter skiing gear: Gore Tex like and warm clothing, gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Skis, boots, poles, helmet and small backpack.

We provide the safety gear (beacon, probe and shovel).



80 € X participant

Includes: certified instructor/guide, technical and safety gear (beacon, probe and shovel), liability insurance and course pack.

Not included: resort’s ski pass.

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